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How To Do Your Makeup For A Job Interview + Giveaway

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 13, 2017 • Beauty Lifestyle

Believe it or not, the makeup you wear to your interview has a lot to do with whether or not you get your dream job. First impressions are super important and your goal should be to convey your interviewer that you are neat and know how to keep your appearance looking classy and feminine. How To Do Your Makeup For A Job Interview 💄❤️ Face: In this case, Less is more. You won’t need too many products in your face. To cover blemishes or uneven skin tone, use a light/medium coverage foundation! But if you are lucky enough to not need too much coverage, just skip it and rock your beautiful skin. Eyes: Use neutral eyeshadows such as tan, brown, and cream. A little bit of shimmer is fine, but try not to add too much shine or glitter to your eyelids as it would look as if you’re going to a party […]

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How to Get Back in Shape & Healthy in 2017

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 09, 2017 • Fitness

Whether you have a good excuse or you’ve just been too busy to slip on your running shoes, it’s never easy to get back into working out. To keep ourselves from under-doing it, I wanted to keep us motivated by bringing a fitness post to help us stick to our objectives. I’m actually trying to jump back into healthy habits, and stop losing time complaining about the way I look. After giving myself some “dirty” looks in the mirror I decided to get back in the workout mode. New year, new me, who hasn’t said that before?! I have said it so many times and only followed once which was back in 2015 when I looked my best (yes, I had just broken up with an ex). How I Plan To Get Back in Shape & Healthy in 2017 💪👌 Since then, I have lost my motivation and gained a bit of […]

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VLOG 3: Blog Photos, Facebook Live & Running Around London

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 06, 2017 • Other

Happy Friday Doll, how has your week? I feel like things are still quite slow due to the holidays but maybe that’s because I work from home and don’t really go on the train during peak hours. As you know, Friday’s are now dedicated to my Vlogs and I have to admit that I really am enjoying them. This Vlog was still in December when I went to Style Council for a Facebook Live where I shared some of my tips (watch it now). I hope you enjoy it: VLOG 3: Blog Photos, Facebook Live & Running Around London 💛🌟 I hope you guys enjoy this short summary of my week. Let me know in the comments below. CONNECT WITH ME! ✕ TWITTER: Taislany ✕ FACEBOOK: Taislany ✕ INSTAGRAM: @Taislany ✕ SNAPCHAT: taislanyy

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