Review: Narwal T10 Robot Mop and Vacuum 2 in1 - Discount Code

Narwal T10 World First Self-Cleaning Robot Mop and Vacuum 2 in1 – Discount Code

Post by Taislany Gomes • May 04, 2021 • Lifestyle

Meet Narwal T10, the newest addition to the household. Not only does he vacuum but also mops!! I mean, what else can one wish for? It really is the best invention of all time if like me you don’t enjoy doing it yourself.

I have put him to work today and the flat looks absolutely spotless; it got rid of all stubborn stains. He maps your entire home and finds its way everywhere! I am so impressed with how smart he is! The robot will be launched in the US in JUNE 2021!

Robot auto senses mop condition and cleans mops in the base station. The base station is also used to recharge the robot. The robot only requires 0.1 kWh to fully charge and will automatically return to the station for charging when below 20% battery power. The robot can cover an area of up to 3000 ft² in a single cleaning session.  

With the Official Narwal APP, you can: Set virtual no-go zones. Choose multiple scenarios and cleaning plans. Get timely updates for new firmware Receive automatic upgrades to algorithms.

It doesn’t leave the floor so wet to where someone can accidentally slip and fall. It fairly quiet when working and I tend to leave it working whilst we go out for walks etc. When we come back the floor is sparkling clean.

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