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My Top London Night Clubs

Post by Taislany Gomes • July 24, 2014 • Other

London’s nightlife is a continuously evolving with hundreds of clubs offering a great night for any taste. And with such a vast amount of options, the only difficulty is choosing which one should have the grace of your presence. So, lately I have been partying a lot and many friends ask about the places I go, so here’s a selection of the top clubs in London (in my opinion) for an amazing night out.

1. MaddoxmaddoMaddox, is such an amazing place to be; every time I go there I have so much fun and meet great people. Maddox is a very sophisticated club in London, so be prepared to see a lot of good looking/well dressed people having the time of their lives. The music is mainly commercial house (which I love) and there are two floors which is so cool as well. Ps: I recommend Thursday nights, they are the best!madd 2. LibertinelibertLibertine, proudly nestled in the heart of Mayfair, is unquestionably one of the most glamorous clubs in London. It attracts London’s partying elite (and cuties)! You will find TOP London DJ’s hitting the deck with the best mix of House, R&B & Commercial Hits. It is a very busy and fun-filled night with a lot of young good looking people. I would recommend

3. ProjectprorOne of the most fashionable and posh venues in West End. Project is a particular nightclub with an ostentatious decor, with extravagant big columns,large screens on the walls, a long elegant bar, fancy black benches and tables with big ice buckets filled with bottles of champagne. This nightclub attracts a stylish crowd of London. Project is recognized for throwing ultra-trendy and unique parties. I would recommend Tuesdays!pr

4. Aqua aquaAqua offers one of the finest eating and drinking destinations in London. It is the perfect pre-dinner bar, with stylish surrounds and Asian inspired interior and a rooftop terrace with stunning views over London. Inside you can dine in an impressive restaurant or sit at the centre-piece bar which serves up seriously good cocktails. I would recommend aqua for dates and casual meeting with the



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