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Luxury Stay At Kate & Toms – Marsden Manor in Cotswolds

Post by Taislany Gomes • June 16, 2017 • Lifestyle, Reviews

Luxury Stay At Kate & Toms – Marsden Manor in Cotswolds

I have been wanting to go on a country break for the longest time! That’s why I was extremely excited when The Blogger Programme invited myself and six other bloggers to this luxury getaway to Marsden Manor in the Cotswolds. I had never been in that region before but now that I have, I can definitely say that if you’re working out where to take your next UK break, the Cotswolds is the place to go. I feel like the fresh air and open fields of rural Britain are forgotten sometimes when it comes to holidays and this trip will remind you why you should give the countryside a chance.Our trip started at London Paddington, where we all got together for our 1hr 30mins journey. I had already met two of the bloggers and it was lovely catching up with them and also meeting all of the new faces too.

Funny fact: we missed our train and the one hour and thirty minutes turned into a 3-hour journey. The good news is that I had a major catch up with, my fellow Brazilian friend, Daniel, that it didn’t even feel that long.

Kemble was our final destination, a small yet charming station. Luckily, there were two taxis outside who took us straight to our mansion. Note if you intend to go; it’s a good idea to book your taxi as they don’t normally hang out at the station and it can be a pain to find one when not booked in advance.

We were welcomed by the TBT Team with some lovely bubbles and a Mexican themed dinner party provided by Hello Fresh.  The food was super tasty and much needed after a three-hour journey – not going to lie, I was quite hungry. After dinner and a few glasses of wine provided by Sporting Wine Company, we were all in the mood to give the Piñata a try.

My first attempt was shocking so, I had a second go which was way more impressive (not enough to break it). Everyone had a go at it and it was a lovely way to get our holiday started.  We were then given a tour of our dreamy mansion and that’s when I had to have a quick picture with these cute balloons from Pom Pom Studio. They make gorgeous handmade decorations for events all around the world.

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was bedtime. Did I mention that my room was super cute and cozy? It was not the biggest room but it had some lovely features elegance to it. Did I mention that we received some goodies? We will get to that in a little bit.

Following a lovely evening of good food, drink and great company we all changed into something more comfortable and went to bed. Everyone was quite tired so an early night sounded perfect to me.

After some much-needed sleep, we headed down to the kitchen to have breakfast. Our day was carefully planned in order for us to make the most of our stay so, there was no way I was going to skip this delicious spread that was prepared for us. You guessed it, I went for some Greek Yoghurt, Berries and Granola. It was light yet fulfilling.
I really enjoyed our meals, it was a great chance to get to know everyone and share our blogging experiences with each other. Believe it or not but not all bloggers live on their phones, we love socializing too.After my morning walk, I had a relaxing massage and pedicure by Blossom & Jasmine. They are a mobile spa with lots of treatment choices. It’s a great way to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Shall we have sneak-peak of Marsden Manor?

Drawing Room

I felt like a Lady in this majestic manor house. There are three living spaces and they are all sublime, some ridiculously large (I wish I had similar spaces in my tiny flat in London) and some cozy and quiet rooms. My favourite part of the house was the drawing room, a log-lit fount of fun. This a great room for some late-night quality time with friends and family.

If movies are on the menu, there’s also a TV room equipped with Sky TV and DVDs. We watched First Dates on our first night accompanied with wine and popcorn, the perfect combination.

Beautiful, right? Marsden Manor is absolutely timeless. It has 10 bedrooms and they are all majestic and magnificent, traditional but sits harmoniously with the modern touches. I love the fact that you can choose between a dip in the pool or a set of tennis (yes, there is a tennis court).  Head around the garden and you can take a panoramic walk and get some of the best views of the property. These pictures were taken during our walk after breakfast, it wasn’t sunny yet but the views were still beautiful. The gardens are impeccable and it really puts you in direct touch with nature.
For one of the dinners, I wore this beautiful Ted Baker Foral Dress and the rest of the night is history (literally, I had too many glasses of Prosecco).Time went so quickly and before we knew it was time to leave (sad face). I had a fantastic time with the TBP Talent team and hope that we can go on many other trips together. Everyone was super friendly and the house just breathtaking, no wonder I didn’t want to leave!

Huge thank you to Kate & Tom’s, The Blogger Programme and all the brands that made this trip possible! It was awesome!


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