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Affordable Makeup Brushes From TMart

Post by Taislany Gomes • November 23, 2015 • Reviews

Hi Dolls. Today we will talk about: Makeup Brushes. Why? Because I feel that most people may think that in order to achieve a flawless makeup finish you need to have the most expensive brushes. Well, I am a true believer that you can achieve the exact same finish using affordable tools. I know this because 90% of my makeup brushes kit didn’t cost more than £15. I am not saying that all of them out there are good, you will need to do your research and look out for reviews, as people tend to be fairly honest when it comes to online purchases. The affordable brushes may not look particularly luxurious but I promise you that some of them they can be as effective as the designer made brushes. Don’t get me wrong, the designer makeup brushes are outstanding! I myself have a few e.g. Sigma & Dolce Gabbana and I absolutely love them; however I know for a fact that if I only buy designer made brushes I will be broke in no time Ha-Ha.

I wouldn’t say that it’s possible if I hadn’t done the research myself. Where can you find quality and affordability? I have recently purchased a 11Pcs Makeup Brush Set from TMart. The good things about TMart is that they have a wide selection of products at a low price and they ship worldwide.
Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes – Key Features:

  • They are soft and smooth, tight and the fibers didn’t fall out until this day
  • No static, it will not irritate your skin
  • Easy to wash after usage ( I have washed it before reviewing it, it took me less than 5 minutes to wash all 11 brushes)
  • Comes with a cosmetic bag for easy carrying when traveling

The ones do I use the most:
Makeup Brushes1.  I use this brush mainly to contour my forehead and jawbone.

2. This brush is great for blending eye-shadows smoothly.

3. You know when you apply that beautiful champagne shadow on and the darker shadow hides it away? Well, I use this brush to top-up the lighter shadow on the eye-lid so it doesn’t go unnoticed.

4. This brush is evenly cut and well shaped to apply shadows with precision, I use it to apply dark shadows on the eye lid without making a huge mess ( I would use number 2 after to smooth out the lines).

5.  I use this brush to apply concealer, it gives a natural finish and takes the product excess off.

6. This brush is very soft, so I use it to apply powder on my t-zone.

Makeup Brushes
Guess how much it all costed? Only £8.51
Get this awesome Makeup Brush Set: Click Here

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