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Things That Make Your New Place Feel Like Home ft. Wonderboom Speaker

Post by Taislany Gomes • May 16, 2017 • Decor

Settling into a new flat is such an amazing feeling. You go through so many phases: 1. anxious to move 2. stressed about the moving day 3. overwhelmed with all the things you need to put in place 4. make huge lists of them thing you need to buy 5. finally start feeling like you’re home.

I’m currently at number five, the flat finally feels like home, it’s obviously not exactly how I want it, there are still so many things missing to make it perfect but it’s the little things that do give character.

One of my favourite parts of the house is the corner of my bedroom, where I have some candles (I am obsessed with them), a picture of my boyfriend and I, an orchid that was a present from my mum when we first moved and a trendy Ultimate Ears wireless speaker because I love music! ??homeI have been obsessed with this speaker, it’s super-portable and has a surprisingly big sound. The sound comes out clear, crisp and has amazing bass.

My mornings have not been the same since getting this speaker, I tend to wake up and pair my phone with it and just play some relaxing music in the background while I get things done. Such a small thing but it really does set the mood for the rest of my day.

When I feel demotivated, I play motivational videos and make sure to turn the volume UP!! It really does help me get my focus back and get on with things.homeI do tend to take the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM to my bathroom too! Yes, this speaker is the best things that have happened to my bath moments, why? It is completely waterproof and even floats!! Which means you can take it with you to showers, pools, beaches, waterfalls, muddy fields and rainy days. If it gets dirty, just rinse it off and it will be ready for another adventure. Friday night? Grab some wine and nibbles on your way home from work and turn things up, get a little crazy and dance like nobody’s watching (I do that all the time).

Going back to having little things that make your home special… it might not seem like it, but this little speaker really does create an ambiance. I can’t wait to share all the small things that will make my little flat more homely!!homeHope you guys enjoyed this post and my favourite things at the moment around the house. What makes your home special? Let me know in the comments below.


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