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Things That Make Your New Place Feel Like Home ft. Be & Liv

Post by Taislany Gomes • May 18, 2017 • Decor

I started this week by sharing things that make my new place feel like home (read the first post here) and since then I thought I should share my favorite lamp around the house.

This white blossom lampshade was one of the first things I got when I first moved but I didn’t have much furniture yet which is why it took me a while to be able to share it with you guys.

We were having a huge issue with the bedroom lighting, it was too bright and harsh which gave the room an industrial vibe. This is the last thing you want when you walk into your room, right? I wanted the light to be soft and welcoming and this lamp from Be & Liv did just that. It even sparkles through its perforation. be & livIt comes in a flat pack and I think that’s great as it is a sustainable choice for the environment. However, I must admit that I gave the mission of putting it together to my boyfriend while I shared it on my Instastories. I am just not good at these things haha.

As I saw him put the pieces together, I realized that I could have probably given it a try as it was super easy.  After we assembled it I got so many compliments from you guys. be & livOne of the questions I was asked was if it was hard to clean when it gets dusty. Well, I couldn’t answer back then, but I actually cleaned it a few days ago and because of its metal finish, it’s very easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth or duster and it will be sparkling clean in just a few seconds.

The cool thing is that this lamp fits comfortably on your table or doubles as a ceiling light. The shape and materials make it such a desirable decoration object even when the lights are & livYou can find this beautiful lampshade at Be & Liv, you will find contemporary Scandinavian designs with a European elegance. Make sure to also check their Instagram page as it is a great place if you’re looking for decor inspiration.


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