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How to Throw The Perfect Low Budget Summer Party

Post by Taislany Gomes • August 29, 2017 • Decor, Reviews

How to Throw The Perfect Low Budget Summer Party ?☀️?

Planning a party, are you? How about a low-budget Tropical Party? That’s the theme I decided to go for my first ever Housewarming party.

The tropical vibe is very versatile and, with creativity, you can throw a very fun part without spending much. You can go for a Luau theme like I did or just choose to make it very colorful.


The ideal environment for a tropical party is outdoors, and preferably somewhere with lots of greenery. Having the party at our building’s Roof Terrace sounded like a good idea. Until we checked the weather and it was going to be cloudy and rain. So doing the party outdoors was not going to happen.

We decided to do it inside our flat, which for me was a little nerve-racking as everything is still new and I couldn’t help but see the worst happening e.g. wine spillages in the sofa or on the rug etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?

If there is one thing you should know about a tropical party it’s that it has to be surrounded by green and very colorful details, using warm colors like yellow, orange and red. You can also add some rustic details to give the place a little buzz.low budget summer partyTables and arrangements

Colorful towels with summer prints are a must! However, I wanted to keep it low-budget so I searched for flower and prints online, cut them and stuck them on the wall. I also added some fruits and tropical straws to make the space more charming.

Natural or artificial flowers will look cool. Empty coconuts as a basis of arrangement is a beautiful and inexpensive decoration as well.


The drinks need to be refreshing, colorful and with seasonal fruits. If you have the time and patience, why not use fruits as containers for the drinks? You can use pineapples or coconuts and fill them up with mojitos and piña coladas or even juice/flavored water for the kids. I would recommend Feel Good Drinks as they are 100% natural with no added sugar and are the perfect drink when you want to feel refreshed.low budget summer partyWhen choosing the canapes, pick some light choices. Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Skewers, for example, are practical and look beautiful on the plate. For dessert, fruit and popsicles are the best options because they are light and refreshing. As I wanted the party to have a feel good vibe I also included some healthy snacks from Protein World: low-calorie popcorn & their famously delicious slender protein bars.low budget summer party


Should you have a dress code? If it is a Tropical or Tiki themed party, of course, you should! In case you want to be casual about it just ask your friends and family to wear something that reminds them of the beach and tropical style.

For a Hawaiian style luau, wreaths and flower strings are a must. Flowery prints and colorful make looks will also do. But there is no need to be strict about it or have rules, the idea is to have fun and leave your guests are at ease.low budget summer partyMusic

This will vary on your/your guest’s personal taste. At my party, I created a playlist with Brazilian popular music and top charts songs of the last few years. Artists like Anitta, Preta Gil, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris are good requests. If you go for a luau themed party, choose some good old surf music and artists like Jack Johnson and Aqua Velvets.low budget summer partyTo find out more about Feel Good Drinks click here
To find out more about Protein World click here

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