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Looking Your Best On Your Next Zoom Call

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 13, 2021 • Other

Whether it’s for a work meeting or you are just hanging out with friends, your next Zoom call might be the kind of thing that is already instilling in you a sense of dread and panic. A lot of people hate how they appear on the screen during video conferencing sessions, so if you are one of those people then you are not alone in this. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure that you look your best on a Zoom call, and in this post we’ll take a look at just a few of the best methods to consider here.


Arguably the most important quality of all here is the lighting. This is even more important than your self-care routine in terms of how you look on the camera. If you have not yet thought much about the lighting when you are on Zoom, you’ll want to think about it now. One option is to use an official lighting kit, which attaches to your computer or laptop and provides you with professional video style lighting, helping you to be lit up in exactly the right way and to the right degree. And remember to avoid harsh artificial lights or too much light from a window.


You also need to think about what’s going on behind you. Essentially, the less cluttered the background is, the better you are going to look, so this is something that you are going to want to think about as early on as you can. To get the background right, you’ll want to consider using a computer chair that does not appear behind your head too much, as that can sometimes look strange. And make sure that there is nothing behind you contrasting with your appearance in any way. If you can’t change the background for real, consider an artificial background.


You probably already know from taking selfies that there are certain angles which are your friend, and certain angles which are quite simply not. It’s all about choosing the right angles for your own look and making sure that you are not sabotaging yourself in this way by choosing well. Plus, you should try to sort it out beforehand so you don’t have to rearrange your camera as you are going through the Zoom call. That way, you can be sure that it will look great the whole way through.

Video Quality

Finally, try to get the best possible video quality you can. There are many ways to achieve this, but the simplest is to treat yourself to a high quality video camera that you can use attached to your computer. The higher the quality of that, the more likely it is that you can look your very best. Just remember, with more quality comes an improved ability to discern details, so you’ll need to make sure you have paid attention to small details before you log on to your call!

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