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What Are the Latest Trends For Your 2019 Closet?

Post by Taislany Gomes • June 07, 2019 • Other

With the rise of social media has come the opportunity to determine what the next big trend is confidently. However, the discovery and definition of trends are so vast thanks to the mediums that broadcast it, that no one can definitely predict what will be a sticking point in fashion and what will be a big flop.

The good thing about having personal style is that you can decide what you want to take from the ‘latest trend’ coverage in the media and adopt or dismiss what you want when you want.

Let’s take a look to see what could be in the running for the title of the latest trend for 2019.

The Triangle Head Scarf

The scarf has been used for years in fashion, thanks to its versatility but for now, it’s all about how you wear it on your head. There have been shots of models on the catwalk with a headscarf wrapped around a ponytail, but a few trendsetters have also been seen with it in a large triangle shape on their head.

Fringe Jackets

Don’t worry; we haven’t stepped off the set of a Western movie, it’s one of the latest trends coming your way: the fringe jacket. Cowboy boots have been a big player on the catwalks lately, and now the newest addition to dressing like a cowgirl is the addition of the fringe jacket.

Statement Jackets

For those of you that don’t fancy the cowboy and cowgirl look, then statement coats and jackets are big this season. Patchworks and animal prints such as leopard and snake print are all big news while monochrome jackets in leather in retro black and cream are also a trend which appears year after year. Luckily, you will find some great jackets to be on trend this season at jack1t.com.

Pants Into Boots

Quite a strange phenomenon in the fashion world is the emergence of boots tucked into pants. It seems to have happened overnight, yet it looks like it’s here to stay. Although it works best with boots that go up higher on the leg instead of waders you might find when deep sea fishing!

Period Necklines

Necklines which are a throwback to the Victorian times are not a new trend but the collar, thanks to sleeves being so prominent in the fashion world over the last few years, has taken a bit of a back seat.

Now it appears to be back with a ruffled neckline underneath a light sweater which helps when you want to layer up for the day.

Transparent Outwear

PVC accessories have been hot on the catwalks for a while now, so it’s no surprise to see that transparent outwear is making its way through the ranks as one of this season’s hot trends. It’s unlikely that anyone will want to wear a PVC coat on naked skin, so layering it with a bold print such as a rainbow shirt still has the same striking effect.


Some of these hot trends will see their way safely through to 2020, whereas some may disappear before they even get going. One thing to consider, however, is no matter how ‘trendy’ a piece of clothing is or not, don’t force yourself to wear it just to feel happy. Wear it because you feel comfortable in it!






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