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Challenge: Jewellery Using Parts From An Old Analogue Meter

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 19, 2016 • Lifestyle

So my question to you is this…  have you ever designed or created a piece of jewellery using parts from an old analogue meter? If your answer is “no” you have just made me feel better (ha-ha) because I been assigned to this remarkable mission. I’m sure I will have lots of fun while creating it but I need some inspiration and ideas from you guys. I really wanted this to be our project, where we can brainstorm and see the progress together.

Jewellery Using Parts From An Old Analogue Meter

You might remember when Smart Energy GB challenged me to bake without estimates, if not check it out here. They have a history of coming up with some cool yet hard challenges so, I am not surprised with the materials that I will be working with to create my jewellery:Jewellery Using Parts From An Old Analogue MeterNow, you might be wondering why I would be using these not so flattering components to create a beautiful piece of jewellery. Here’s a little overview:
Jewellery Using Parts From An Old Analogue MeterBehind this project is a serious message about the rollout of smart meters. Smart meters are new digital meters, replacing the old analogue meters most of us have in our homes. Every household in Great Britain will be offered a smart meter by their energy supplier by 2020, at no extra cost.
Jewellery Using Parts From An Old Analogue MeterSmart meters are available to all homes. If you are a renter you can still get a smart meter. If your name is on the bill you can just contact your energy supplier. If your landlord pays the bill they will need to speak to the energy supplier.

What’s so good about smart meters?

– Having smart meters installed means an end to estimated bills and no more phoning in manual meter readings

– They show you in near real time, on a handy in-home display screen, how much energy you are using, in pounds and pence

– If you are a prepayment customer you will be able to top up your credit online, over the phone or as you do now by visiting your local shop

So while I have been given the chance to create some stunning pieces of jewellery from the inner workings of an old analogue meter, by 2020 we all be part of the smart meter revolution sweeping the country.

To upgrade to smart meters you should contact your energy supplier to find out when they will be able to fit them in your home.Jewellery Using Parts From An Old Analogue Meter

The cool thing is that I will be able to add additional materials such as clasps, chains and attachments to make it look fabulous and feminine. What would you guys create with these pieces? Let me know in the comments below.


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Lily Allen - 20, September 2016 at (12:33)

Fun challenge. I would make a necklace.


Sindy - 20, September 2016 at (13:56)

I cannot wait to see the end product. I wish I had a creative bone in me. Who knows I might give it a go


Lindsey of The Nomis Niche - 20, September 2016 at (19:04)

What an interesting challenge! I think the screws and bolts would make for a perfectly edgy necklace. You may even be able to make a cool broach out of the flat pieces (pardon my ignorance when it comes to the names of these parts haha!) Good luck girlie!

Love, Lindsey


Natoya - 20, September 2016 at (19:22)

This is an intresting


Natoya - 20, September 2016 at (19:26)

When computers go bad, they send a half ass message : ) I was trying to say before my lap top cut me off (ugh) It is an interesting challenge! I think a pendent would be the easiest choice of jewellery to make. Good luck ; ) xoxo


Noma - 21, September 2016 at (10:39)

Wow, this is such a cool challenge. I can’t wait to see your necklace. 🙂

XoXo Noma


zahra - 22, September 2016 at (20:34)

Sounds like a super cool challenge Taislany, look forward to seeing what you come up with! :))


Joyce - 23, September 2016 at (14:25)

This is so cool! I love the idea of repurposing old things and giving them new life. The jewelry piece would be so personal and cool because of the story behind it! I would make a ring or a bracelet

Characters & Carry-ons


Darriyan - 24, September 2016 at (12:59)

This is such a cool idea!! i Love this!

Darriyan xo


Janine - 25, September 2016 at (21:48)

Very nice tips :)!


Rosy - 26, September 2016 at (09:04)

That’s a very interesting challenge, I’m not very creative but I’d try and make a necklace 🙂

Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog


Memories of the Pacific - Cristina - 26, September 2016 at (18:47)

That’s really interesting! I’d love to make a bracelet 🙂


Annessa - 27, September 2016 at (04:17)

Such a cool idea!

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Eni - 01, October 2016 at (13:30)

It looks good and fun…nice idea!!!
Kisses from Italy and thank you for stopping at my blog,

Eniwhere Fashion
Eniwhere Fashion Facebook


the adventurer - 02, October 2016 at (20:58)

Wow this is a great challenge! Really makes you think out of the box =o)

Thanks for sharing!


Madeleine - 04, October 2016 at (20:34)

This is so cool, Taislany!

xx Madeleine


Julia (The Velvet Runway) - 07, October 2016 at (13:26)

This sounds like an interesting challenge – I can’t wait to see what you make! I think I would make a necklace, but creativity is not my strong point!
Julia x


Taislany Gomes

Taislany Gomes Reply:

It really is Julia. I can’t wait to share the final piece with you guys.


Aimee - 19, October 2016 at (14:22)

This sounds so exciting!!xx



Alice - 28, October 2016 at (02:35)

Que legal esse desafio, não conhecia nenhuma dessas peças!!

Esmaltadas de Alice


Sorana - 26, November 2016 at (18:24)

This is one awesome challenge!


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