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Five Things To Know About Increasing Your Influence Online & Being Noticed!

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 07, 2017 • Fashion, Lifestyle

Who doesn’t dream of becoming an Internet sensation? So many people making loads of money, buying expensive cars and mansions by the age of 18-23 years, crazy huh? It’s definitely possible but it isn’t as easy as we might think otherwise, we would all be living the “dream”.

Not all of us will make it to the hall of fame but if we work hard we can have a very comfortable life by doing what we love online. In my case, it’s blogging and all that it’s involved e.g. social media, recording videos, attending events and shooting looks or products that I’m loving at the moment.Influence OnlineIt doesn’t even sound like a job, right? There are so many benefits, especially not having to lose hours of your day commuting from your home to the office. I’m not going to lie, it is DREAMY! Working from home is one of the best things about being a Blogger/Influencer. However, (yes, there is a BUT) after a few months you might get bored or get a little depressed.

The first few months are an absolute delight and not having to set your alarm or having a boss gives your a sense of freedom but, like anything in life, you’ll get used to it and will realise that it’s pretty hard to keep motivated and get things done when there isn’t anyone to guide you. It’s up to you to set tasks and not let yourself get too comfortable (easier said than done).

Oh, one of my favourites: you won’t have to deal with the constant interruption of phone calls and co-workers, which is great and really does increase your productivity. I remember trying to write a blog post while at work (naughty, I know) and was constantly interrupted by what was going on around me. Nowadays, I still get distracted but only if I want to as I can put my phone on silent or on Airplane mode. Another great advantage of working on the internet is the flexible schedules, you can choose the period of time when you feel more motivated to work and use the rest of the time for other activities, such as exercising, researching or even hanging out with your friends and family.
Influence OnlineIt’s very important to make time for some “me time” as you’ll always be working on your own. You shouldn’t isolate yourself otherwise, you might feel down and demotivated. Life is too short so, make sure to enjoy each day and make it a joyful experience.

Many people dream of being noticed and making a living online but have no idea how they can achieve it, that’s why I am sharing my tips and trips on building your influence online:

Five Things To Know About Increasing Your Influence Online & Being Noticed! ???


Oh boy, you need to be disciplined in order to survive in this industry. Do you know how many people want to become Insta Famous? MILLIONS! That’s why you need to commit to it! If you decide to post twice a week then you better stick to that for the next few years. That’s how your audience will trust you and your content, by knowing that you are committed to them no matter what.

Building a loyal following is absolutely hard and will be a major setback sometimes. You can spend hours coming up with unique content/picture and realize that you haven’t gained any followers or views. It’s incredibly frustrating but you need to stay dedicated and determined and still deliver your excellent content. Over time, you’ll build a true, engaged following. It takes time and effort, but it will be very rewarding in the long run.Influence Online2.Know how to deal with the distractions/comparison

“Making it” in the online world is a challenge, you will have to deal with so many distractions. Not only your bed, the TV and your phone. People around you (online or in person) do distract you from your goals. Seeing other blogger doing so well while you’re rustling will distract you and make you feel like you should give up. Be prepared to wipe those thoughts from your mind straight away. Comparing yourself to others is toxic and won’t do you any good (personal experience).

Be prepared to work on yourself like you never did before, competition is everywhere in anything you do so, make sure to deal with it as a way to motivate you to do even better, and please… please do not copy what people are doing. Be bold and show your personality because that’s what will make you go viral. Personality is everything in the online world, so make sure to show yours in order to build a strong influence online.

Oh, collaborate with others in your niche!! It’s a great way to join forces and reach each other’s audience.

Influence Online

@Sebinaah & @Lookamillion

3.Make things happen

It’s no use you being good looking, creative and having a great personality if nobody knows about it!

Show up in places, go to events related to your niche, have lunch with people with the same interests as you, and promote yourself with no shame!

Don’t just hide behind your computer, waiting for people to reach out to you… reach out to them!!! It’s very important to know your values and have the initiative to make things happen for you.

Also be sure to sign up for networking events, lectures and anything that can increase your contacts.

Remember: if you’re not seen you won’t be remembered!

Influence Online4.Make it your own

You know that something that marks someone’s image? For example, Lilly Singh starts her YouTube videos by saying:

“What up everybody, it’s your girl Superwoman!”

People instantly relate to it and know she is that girl from YouTube. That’s why showing your personality is vital! You need to give something specific to the public for you to stand out. Don’t be a copycat and do what everyone else is doing.  Add your innovative “touch” that will make people remember you!

5. Have an objective

Just like any good marketing strategy, you need to have a personal marketing strategy too and set a clear goal stating where you want to be in a certain amount of time.

Who do you want to be? Why do you want to be remembered? Who do you want to meet? What social level do you intend to achieve? Take your time to answer them but don’t skip it.  It’s very important to plan your long-term goals and target your personal marketing actions according to these goals.

Influence Online

I hope you enjoyed these Five Things To Know About Increasing Your Influence Online & Being Noticed. What do you do to get attention online? Let me know in the comments below.


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