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How To Lightly Decorate The House For Christmas ft. Debenhams

Post by Taislany Gomes • December 04, 2017 • Decor, Lifestyle, Reviews

How To Lightly Decorate The House For Christmas ??

Today we are going to talk about: how to lightly decorate the house for Christmas. I said lightly because most people only start to proper decorate the house closer to mid-December.

The aim is to decorate with a lot of charm without overfilling decorations so, let’s find out how to decorate without getting a messy-looking environment with all those cute ornaments that we love so much.

Bringing the festive spirit into our home is even more special and that’s why I decided to share some inspirations for ways to decorate your home beyond the Christmas tree.

Candles are great decorative elements and can be used in various settings. They look beautiful when decorated in a special way at Christmas, New Year or even Halloween.

TV stand decoration is a must, why not change your usual decoration with reindeers, pine cones, lights, candles and snowmen? It will make your TV time so much more festive and cozy.

Branches and Leaves are also very easy to find at this time of the year and very useful for decorating your home.

Dressed windows: choose between Christmas lighting, artificial snow (just search for window clings), hanging stars or other ornaments. I decided to have these two Advent Calendars, Santa Candle and a personalised Christmas Stockings.

Advent Calendars: to welcome the Advent season there’s nothing better than having some exciting treats every day in December.

Is there anything better than having a small champagne truffle every day until Christmas?

I chose these two advent calendars from Debenhams, they have so many cool calendars to keep the countdown even more exciting.

Most of you know that candles are such a mood setter so, why not get a Christmas Candle Advent Calendar? You’ll get a different scented candle each day and a super cute candle holder.

Pillows and Throws are also a must to tie the whole decor together. No one will be able to resist the cuteness of festive pillows. Ho, ho, ho! If you don’t want to spend money on new pillows just search for Christmas Pillow Cases as they are a cheaper option.

Christmas wreath at the front door is the first sign that Christmas is here. Bought or handmade; with notes of red, gold or silver; doesn’t matter what you go for it will infect all the neighbors to do the same! Check Debenhams options here.


With all these tips, you may realize that you do not need to go overboard with Christmas decorations. Just choose the right colors and do not exaggerate the number of items.

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