How to Be Organised: 5 Quick and Easy Steps! Taislany Gomes

How to Be Organised: 5 Quick and Easy Steps!

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 03, 2017 • Lifestyle, Reviews

Is there anything worse than having a disorganised life? An essential factor in boosting creativity and producing content with quality is to have an organised environment: from items that inspire you to having the right tools to do them.

“First step to success is to imagine it first!” – Ella Iconic

Having a well organised environment, will clear your mind and help you get straight to business. That’s why I will share my top 5 tips to help you organise your life, so you can always be productive.

1. Get things organised in boxes or folders

Getting things organised doesn’t need to be boring. Get some cute boxes and folders, they will help you to sort papers into categories and also transform the space around your workplace (they also help to hide all the mess). Once all those piles of paper are gone, the environment will become more harmonious and stylish.organised

2. Get a Pen/Pencil holder

Who else struggles to find something to write with when they need it? It often seems like pens have little legs and disappear, right?! An alternative to not losing your office items is to have one or two pencil holders (cute ones are preferable), so you can keep all your pens, pencils and scissors in the same place.organised

3. Get an Agenda to capture ideas

I use this amazing CEO of my own life planner by Ella Iconic, and let me tell you: it has changed my life! This diary is the perfect fit for a busy individual, entrepreneur or creative mind. organisedHaving an agenda is great to organise your thoughts and write down the things you’re grateful for, things you should be focusing at the moment and areas you need to improve in your life.

An agenda will facilitate you to connect all key areas of your life in one place.

4. Focus on the essentials

Focus on the essentials and forget the unnecessary stuff. Make sure not to take more responsibilities than you can handle. We keep hearing that it’s all about finding the balance – but no one can balance everything.organised

5. Nobody is 100% Organised

That’s right! Nobody is 100% organised, so stop pursuing perfection, because it will be your biggest enemy. When we try to be perfect, we tend to become discouraged and can barely do the basics. Do the best you can, but do not aspire to be 100% organised.


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organisedIt’s genuinely hard to keep our lives on check. I’d love to hear the things that help you keep everything together? Let me know in the comments below!


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