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Fashion and Technology: The Perfect Couple

Post by Taislany Gomes • December 17, 2017 • Lifestyle

Fashion and Technology: The Perfect Couple ✨?

Ever since the invention of synthetic fibers in the 1930s, technology and fashion trends have gone hand in hand. Modern synthetic fabrics like Spandex and Lycra have made casual Fridays and the athleisure trend possible while reducing costs and making laundry day less of a headache. And that was just the beginning. Modern technology has benefited the fashion industry in many ways. From 3D printing to biometric analysis, fashion and technology are the perfect match.

Computer Printing Could End Sweatshops

Yes, it sounds like something out of a Tom Cruise movie. But Dita Von Teese’s 3D printed dress has proved that 3D printing has officially arrived in the fashion industry, and it’s here to stay.

Since fabric sewing and manufacturing has traditionally required a lot of intensive hands-on labor, a completely virtual production could transform the industry into a more sustainable endeavor. Skype, an iPad, design software and a 3D printer have made collaboration across oceans possible and cheap, not to mention raised the bar on accessibility, precision and craftsmanship.

Smart Fabrics Make Fashion Work For You

Now that Lycra and spandex have allowed jeans to have that oh-so-flattering stretch, technological advances have made clothing even smarter and more adaptable to our ever busier lives.

Much subtler than clunky wearable gadgets, smart fabrics like Ralph Lauren’s Polotech shirt measure biometrics like heart rate and breathing to give advice on improving workouts. And some fabrics could even be used to charge your phone by turning body heat into electricity.

Mobile Online Shopping is Making Fashion More Personal Mobile shopping is taking over for shopping malls and outlets. In fact, 51 percent of Americans now prefer to shop online. There’s just something more personal and intimate about choosing a great new bra in the privacy of your own living room instead of braving the judgment of mean girls and their lurking boyfriends at Victoria’s Secret.

So now instead of awkwardly pawing through bins full of panties or describing what they want to a sales associate, shoppers can use visual searching at big retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom to find something similar based on color, size, shape and proportion.

Smartphones and Social Media Have Democratized Fashion

The fashion icons and models of today are not limited to exclusive agencies and high-end brands. Now, the industry includes social media sensations like Chiara Ferragni, whose fashion blog in 2009 paved the way for her own line of shoes and a collaboration with Guess and Gucci.

With the help of a smartphone and social media, any savvy consumer of fashion can now quickly become a fashion influencer. For example, shoppers can use the advanced camera and large screen on the iPhone X to take more flattering selfies to share on social media, which could amp up their followers and — who knows? — make them the next sensation.

AI is Making Fashion More Accessible for Every Body Style

Gone are the days of trying to squeeze chunky thighs into a dress that sags on top. With the rise of e-commerce, shoppers are now able to access great fashion for virtually every body type. Some companies like Stitch Fix use advanced machine learning and digital stylists to help customers curate a wardrobe that fits their bodies, their wallets and their lifestyles.

And a better fit doesn’t stop at AI. The startup uses 3D body scanning to create perfect body measurements and translates them into sizes across multiples retailers and different countries.

Unlikely as it may seem, technology is transforming the fashion industry for the better. With more sustainable production, more responsive design, more personal experiences, greater accessibility and a better fit, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without this unlikely duo.

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