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Fall Essentials

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 06, 2015 • Beauty

Let’s talk Beauty Fall Essentials!! The leaves are starting to fall, and we wave ‘farewell’ to summer. But that’s fine, I love taking the scarfs and warm coats off the wardrobe as well as start a whole new “fall” routine. Once autumn arrives and the temperature falls, I feel the need to adapt my whole life around it e.g. skin / makeup routine and hair products. Here are a mix of the products I want to try this fall as well as the ones that I’m already using:


L’ORÉAL Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo:
“Like a push-up bra for limp hair,” L’ORÉAL PARIS Advanced Haircare Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo increases the diameter of each hair follicle.550261f03cdd3_-_elle-04-international-beauty-awards-v

VICHY Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream:
A winter-weather essential, the hyaluronic-acid- based locks water into skin. I use it everyday before bed. I have to say that my skin looks so dewy and my makeup glides on effortlessly.550261f7ba072_-_elle-09-international-beauty-awards-vMaybelline Blushed Nudes eye-shadow palette:
How pretty is this palette? You can wear it on its own or mix the colours up (not too much otherwise we will look a “lil crayzay” haha). The range is full of warm, rosy hues and tawny neutrals. So you can create a vast array of colorful smoky-eye looks.maybelline-new-york-the-blushed-nudes-eye-shadow-paletteNivea In-Shower Body Lotion:
No time to be spreading a conditioner on your body when you’re late in the morning? Slather it on in the shower after cleansing, and then rinse it off #easy. The rich cream leaves skin crazy soft but still smells powdery and clean.550261f03cdd3_-_elle-04-international-beauty-awards-v

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor
Now, girls! I know it’s starting to get colder and we don’t show our legs as much; but let’s not let them get spider nests uh? Jokes apart, the spherical joist means it can glide and pivot seamlessly as it shaves (a.k.a. bandage-free shaving).550261f03cdd3_-_elle-04-international-beauty-awards-v
Laura Mercier:
Chrome Extravagance Lip Parfait Creamy  in Crème de Cassis. This lipstick will bring the Goth Girl Vibe ON! It’s formula features a mix of vitamins and butters along with smoothing and volumizing ingredients for the ultimate seductive and youthful-looking pout.550261f7ba072_-_elle-09-international-beauty-awards-v


Do you guys also love fall? Bezus Bezus 


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