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Review: Diamond Anti-Aging Bronzing Lotion

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 04, 2017 • Beauty, Reviews

Spring has finally arrived and the desire for that summer glow is inevitable. I will certainly get my fake tan products out and make the most of them, aren’t you?

When I came across Tannymaxx Diamond Anti-Age Bronzer, I had to give it a try and report it back to you (because I know you love being tanned as much as I do).

Let’s start with first impressions: it comes in a very glamourous silver sparkly packaging which instantly gives it the “wow factor”. I can assure that once you lock eyes with it, it will make your heart beat faster. bronzingThe Tannymaxx Diamond Skincare Line is equipped with diamond dust, to give your skin a smooth and uniquely radiant appearance. Ingredients include, the famous alpine rose stem cells to give the skin new energy and renewal the skin’s top layer.

This tanning cream also has pure lotus extract, which moisturises and relaxes the skin and provides protection.

I have been using this lotion for 7 days and have noticed that it increases the elasticity of the skin and leaves it looking glowy and healthy. I tend to apply it to my skin a few minutes after I get out of bed as it relaxes the skin and provides protection throughout the day. bronzingThe Diamond Anti-Aging Bronzing Lotion really does have the high-class class tan touch. I mean, how cool is it that this lotion makes your skin brown even without the sun? One of my favorite things about it is the shimmer effect of the diamond powder which makes the tan particularly radiant and glowy.

The scent is fabulous! Very familiar to the Body Shop’s Cocoa Body Butter (one of my favorite scents).  The lotion itself is lightweight and very easy to apply into the skin. Your skin will feel hydrated, but it’s not over moisturized as it’s not an ultra-rich formula.

I genuinely think it’s a great product to consider if you don’t have the time to fake tan. I plan to continue using it as it’s a just like applying a day cream and only takes a few seconds. You can use it as your main moisturizer or, use your favorite cream separately.

Want to give it a try? Click here. £32 for 100ml.I have also received the Protective Body Care SPF 15 and have been loving it. The shea & coconut butter is simply magic! I used it this morning just before publishing this post and the scent is absolutely lovely. I have some dry patches around my elbow but since using it they are looking so much better. I guess it’s due to the almond oil as it provides intensive moisture to the skin.bronzingHow to apply it: once you apply it evenly to the skin and allowed it to fully absorb, wash the hands. It will take up to 4-6 hours, for the full effect to become visible on the skin.

What about you, have you got any bronzing must-haves? Are you a natural glow chick? Or do you go all out, for that ‘just came back from the beach’ look? Let me know in the comments below.


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