Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media

Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Social Media

Post by Taislany Gomes • August 05, 2019 • Lifestyle

Are you pregnant and ready to tell the world? Well, at least your social media world.

Once you’ve let all your closest friends and family know, you might be tempted to just put up a post simply stating the facts. But there are so many cute ways to announce pregnancy on social media.

So make it memorable.

Ideas for Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy

By now, you’ve probably seen at least a few creative announcements. And maybe you’ve already got an idea in mind.

But if not, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started. There are free templates for pregnancy announcements available too, so be sure to check those out.

Along with the ideas below, they may give you additional inspiration.

First Child 

Finding out you’re pregnant with your first child is a momentous occasion. You could take a picture of yourself donning a personalized hat or t-shirt that eludes to your pregnancy.

Or if you have a pet, have him or her wear a t-shirt that says, “Official Toy Tester for (your name) Baby,” with the estimated time that job will start (the date you’re expecting).

Think about your interests. For instance, if you’re a sports fan, you and your partner can dress in your favorite jerseys and hold up a miniature jersey in front of you.

For something more artistic but totally adorable, take a picture of just your and your partner’s hands clasped together, with two fingers extended down and holding baby shoes.

Not the First Child

Snap a shot of your child holding up a sheet of paper announcing the date at which he or she officially becomes a big brother or sister.

If you already have two children, have the oldest one hold up a sign that says “Oldest” and the youngest with a sign that says “Middle.”

An announcement that looks like a movie poster from your favorite film allows you to get really creative. For instance, if you’re having a fourth child, you could play with the Star Wars theme in some way – using “fourth” for “force.”


If you’re expecting more than one, you could write down “Baby #1” and “Baby #2” with a list of baby names underneath. Then circle the names you’re considering for each.

Or take a styrofoam bowl of ice cream and stick in some pickle spears – as many as the number of babies you’re expecting. Then write on the bowl, “Eating for (number).”

Having more than one baby can be a big undertaking, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with this one. It’s okay to show pictures expressing happy shock!

Holiday Baby

If your baby is expected around late December and you celebrate Christmas, you could simply post a picture of your sonogram with a little Santa hat.

Or if you’ve got a Halloween baby, take a shot of pumpkins representing the members of your family, with one little pumpkin that says “Baby.”

The Possibilities Are Endless!

There really are so many cute ways to announce pregnancy on social media.

So get your creative juices flowing!

And for beauty and fashion inspiration, both during and after your pregnancy, be sure to keep checking back with my blog.


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