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Top Five Colour Trends For Your 2020 Summer Wardrobe

Post by Taislany Gomes • June 23, 2020 • Other

Every summer fashionistas get excited about which trends the season has in store. Choosing the right colours is one of the most important steps to perfecting your summer look. To help you on your next shopping expedition, here are the top five colour trends for the perfect summer wardrobe.

1.Flame Red

In 2020, we’re seeing lots of ‘flame red’ on the fashion scene. Red symbolizes passion, desire, love and power. It’s a colour that’s exciting, eye-catching and rather intense. Many people shy away from wearing red just because it can feel very ‘dramatic’. If you’re not ready for the red dress yet, try starting with a red top, or red lipstick, (and build up to the dress)! 

As fashion designer Bill Blass liked to say, ‘ when in doubt wear red!’ When you’re choosing dresses, bare in mind that off the shoulder body con dresses are trending this season. 

2.Golden Yellow

The colour yellow is often associated with positivity, happiness and energy. When you wear golden-yellow, you can’t help but feel that little bit brighter! This season we’re also seeing plenty of smock dresses, and yellow is the perfect colour for a smock. Don’t stop at the dress, get yourself a yellow bag, and yellow rimmed glasses to complete this sassy summer look. The izipizi glasses are just adorable, plus they come in a wide range of other cute colours.

3.Forest Green

In the words of Rachel Roy, ‘ A great dress can make you remember what’s beautiful about life.’  Well, you can’t get much more beautiful than a stunning forest green dress. This year there are plenty of patterned green dresses, printed with images of leaves, flowers and trees. The colour green represents nature, harmony and vitality, it’s easy on the eyes and is perfect for those summer picnics. If you’re not keen on a forest green dress, try a handbag instead. In 2020, the types of handbags that are trending are classic shoulder bags and sling bags.

4.Coral Pink

Coral pink is taking over in 2020, it’s pretty much everywhere, from coral pink shorts to loose shirts and bags. For the summer time, we need those cheerful colours to create the perfect outfit. 

Pink is said to symbolize love, inner peace and affection. If you only treat yourself to one new garment this season, a coral pink item is bound to put a smile on your face! As Bo Dereck once said, ‘whoever said that money couldn’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping!’

5.Powder Blue

Blue is associated with inspiration, serenity and wisdom, it’s ideal for those who prefer a less bold colour, but still want to make an impression. If you’re feeling brave, team powder blue and coral pink together for the ultimate outfit. Try a powder blue blouse with a coral pink skirt? It’s a fun combination that’s ideal for a casual garden party look.

When you’re choosing your colours for this season, trust your instincts. Not all the colours that are trending will be to your liking, and the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your style.

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