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How To Use Coffee-Table Books As Decor

Post by Taislany Gomes • December 12, 2017 • Decor, Fashion, Reviews

How To Use Coffee-Table Books As Decor ???

When you go out and about you show your style by wearing your favorite clothes, hairstyle, etc. How about your home, do you add your personality there too?

If you visit the home of any confident and authentic person, they will make sure that their home showcases everything they like, or are known for.

The best part is that in this century having things that show your personality around your home does not need to be expensive – you just need good taste and patience to find the right items.

I always look forward to visiting my friend’s and family’s houses to see what they have in their living rooms. I like to see what arts and decor they go for and also what books they have on their coffee table or shelves.

Having a big flat is a luxury here in London, which is why I have a small apartment. However, a small space does not mean that you cannot make it your own. One thing that can change how a room looks is a coffee table, if you put a few books on it, it really does changes the whole environment.

I personally have my favorites. See my collection of the best books to decorate your coffee table:

-Tom Ford
-In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine
-Chanel: Collections and Creations
-Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style

There are no rules when choosing which books you want, but the best options are those with lots of pictures and little text. Travel books, photography, cinema, fashion, art, music, decoration and even cooking are genres that are the perfect match for your coffee table.

Hardcover books tend to be the best option because they stay presentable for longer. As the cover is sturdier, you can do the cleaning without ruining them and it will also look more classy.

Again there is no rule on how many books you should have. I would just recommend that the quantity and size of the books are compatible with the size of the table. If you use many books at once, you may lack space to include other things – not to mention that a high stack of books can give the idea of disorganization, which does not give a great impression.

Where to buy the perfect coffee table books? I got mine from Wordery, as they are one of the fastest growing online bookshops with the lowest prices. They offer over 10 million books and provide free delivery to over 100 countries; a no-brainer, right?

It would also make the perfect Christmas gift but, I wouldn’t recommend that you only choose a book for its aesthetics; it does need to have content that you or the person who you’ll be gifting identifies with.

Did you see how beautiful these Fashion books look around the house? Get yours here.
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