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Working From Home

5 Things To Make ‘Working From Home’ Dreamy ft Pretty You London

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 17, 2016 • Beauty Lifestyle Reviews

As you guys know, I am blogging full-time and there’s nothing better than working from home but little things can most definitely make the whole experience better. Here are 5 Things To Make ‘Working From Home’ Dreamy: 1. Comfy Slippers: As we can’t rock our high heels to the office we need to compensate by wearing some exciting slippers at home. These cuties are not only elegant and feminine but they are also glam and comfortable.I received them 2 weeks ago and have not stopped wearing them since. The feeling of waking up and looking down to see your favourite slippers waiting for you by the bed is so comforting and makes getting up much more exciting. I definitely SLAY with my slippers from Pretty You London. Pretty You London have a lovely range which made it really hard to choose “the one”. After changing my mind at least 10 times, I […]

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#TaislanyReviews No.11 Pimlico Road (Instagram-Worthy Restaurant)

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 07, 2016 • Reviews

I visited No.11 Pimlico Road on a lovely Saturday afternoon. It was just a few days after London Fashion Week and I had been trying to catch up on sleep; so, it was such good timing as I needed to catch up with my beloved boyfriend who I hadn’t seen in a while due to Fashion Week madness. After looking at the location of the restaurant I suggested that we get the underground to Sloane Square but he insisted that the restaurant was closer to Victoria station. Well, do I even have to mention that he was wrong? Not that he would ever admit it. He’s always wrong in my eyes and vise-versa, typical couple issues! Even thought it was a longer walk from Victoria we really enjoyed the stroll. I would say that it’s a 15min walk from Victoria and less than 10 from Sloane Square. No.11 Pimlico Road is […]

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#TaislanyTravels To Koh Samui (Travel Diary)

Post by Taislany Gomes • August 08, 2016 • Lifestyle Reviews Travel

#TaislanyTravels To Koh Samui (Travel Diary) Forget about grey skies and rain. I am about to take you on a stunning visual tour of this paradise called Koh Samui. For some weird reason, until I met my boyfriend I had never thought about visiting Thailand. He lived there for a few years and obviously filled me in on how amazing Thailand actually is. After some heavy persuasion, I finally gave in and we bought the tickets to visit Koh Samui. A little airport style never hurt nobody! London ✈️ Singapore ✈️ Koh Samui Long trip ahead, so I decided to wear something comfortable but yet giving the hint that I was going to a sunny place. This was our first “big” trip together as a couple and as usual, I had loads of expectations to be met. I mean, I work hard in order to be able to have nice holidays/experiences and this trip was no […]

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