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VLOG: Gym Routine & Skinny Coffee Club

Post by Taislany Gomes • December 09, 2016 • Fitness Reviews

I have been meaning to start being more consistent on YouTube for the longest time ever! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am beyond excited to share my first Vlog! I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did when I filmed it.I decided to show you my gym routine, what I include in my bag and my first impressions on the Skinny Coffee Club. Without further ado, here it is: VLOG: Gym Routine & Skinny Coffee Club ?? I hope you guys enjoyed my first Vlog showing you my gym routine. What do you guys have in your gym bag? Let me know in the comments below. CONNECT WITH ME! ✕ TWITTER: Taislany ✕ FACEBOOK: Taislany ✕ INSTAGRAM: @Taislany ✕ SNAPCHAT: taislanyy

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book party

5 Tips On How To Host A Book Party ft MyKindaBook

Post by Taislany Gomes • November 27, 2016 • Beauty Lifestyle Reviews

Parties are always fun, you get your closest friends together to catch up and play some games to keep the night going. Most people organise a get together to celebrate their birthdays or just because they want to have some friends over. However, I wanted to get props and gifts for my friends just to make it a little more elaborate and give the impression that I am now a grown-up (kinda). I chose a Book Party theme because I feel like most of us get so hooked with our phones that we forget how nice it is to read a good book. How To Host A Book Party 1. Choose a selection of good books. If like me you’re hosting a Book Party it’s vital to take the time to choose some good books. I got mine from MyKindaBook. They have a vast selection of upcoming YA reads, authors and exclusive content. You can also join […]

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5 Simple Changes For A Healthy Lifestyle ft Finotaste

Post by Taislany Gomes • November 18, 2016 • Fitness Reviews

Maybe you got on the scale and realized that you’re over your usual weight or your dear doctor told you that you need to lose the extra kilos. Whatever it was, it means it’s time for a change in your habits. Not only what and how much you eat but also going back to doing exercise. Since going full-time with the blog I canceled my gym membership as it was all the way in Central London and would take me at least 40 minutes to get there. Having no gym membership made me super lazy and my eating habits were not on point either. Two months in and I started seeing how my body was changing, for the worse! As a consequence, I was becoming conscious about my body and would only wear clothes that didn’t really highlight the kilos gained. I have never been a skinny girl the opposite actually (that’s a […]

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