The day I became blonde AGAIN ft Bernardo Vasconcelos

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 13, 2016 • Beauty Lifestyle

Who remembers the day I became blonde for the first time with Bernardo Vasconcelos? If not, you can check it in this post where I show the before and after’s. I was blonde for more than 4 years but after treating my hair with a different hairdresser it ended up extremely damaged. Tip: if you have a good hair stylist / hair colourist you should stick to them and not “try something new”, every time I’ve done that it has been a disaster ha-ha. Bernardo has been my hairstylist for years and he is literally the only one who gets my hair right. I feel extremely blessed to have someone as professional and amazing as him taking care of my hair. Funnily enough, I think I met him when he first started his career here in London and it’s crazy how much he has evolved and has now become a celebrity and high profile […]

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My Laser Hair Removal

My Laser Hair Removal Experience With Pulse Light Clinic

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 14, 2016 • Beauty Lifestyle

I’m sure I’m not the only one who dislikes this human thing called “hair”. I mean, why do we even need it? Apart from making our lives a tiny bit more difficult (dramatic much? Ha-Ha)? It won’t come as a surprise that I really do not appreciate hair growing on my body – apart from my head… obviously! So, when the opportunity to have laser removal sessions at Pulse Light Clinic came up I didn’t even think twice. For those who haven’t heard of Pulse Light Clinic, they have a vast option of fabulous services: laser hair removal, tattoo removal, acne scar removal, cellulite reduction and stretch mark removal. I went for laser hair removal because I find shaving every-day such a boring chore so, not having to worry about shaving/waxing was a no brainer. But, first things first … What is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal for all […]

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4 Beauty Products I Am Currently Loving

Post by Taislany Gomes • August 29, 2016 • Beauty

I have received some new beauty products in the last week. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a few “winners”. So, I decided to share the ones I’m in  love with at the moment. Shall we get into the 4 Beauty Products I Am Currently Loving? 1.Magnitone Barefaced – Brazilian Bombshell I actually got sent the original Barefaced design 6 months ago and have never stopped using it since then. I used to have very dry skin and within a few months of using it, my skin got so much glowy and healthier. What I didn’t know is that they would come up with such a cool and exciting new design…Meet the Barefaced – Brazilian Bombshell from Magnitone – this cutie has become my everyday, go-to Vibra-Sonic for a while now. I use it for my daily cleansing routine as it deep-cleanses my pores and conditions my skin. Most of you know that I’m from […]

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