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Bye Bye Old Job! Welcome Full time blogging

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 26, 2016 • Lifestyle

Have I really not mentioned that I am now a full-time blogger? I guess the reason why I haven’t really been bragging about it is because I can’t believe it myself.

I remember having casual talks a few weeks ago where I said: “I’m aiming to quit my job and do full-time blogging in a years time”. Little did I know huh? blogging“Doing something towards your goal every single day will help build momentum…”
bloggingHow did I make the decision to quit my full-time, well-paid job? 

I was not passionate about my role so when I had my holiday request rejected to attend LFW I didn’t think twice to say bye-bye to my not so exciting job. It all seemed very sudden (and it was), but it felt so right.

I know what you’re thinking: “It sounds immature and rushed”. Trust me, it was but have you ever felt deep in your soul that it’s time to change and start something new? That’s exactly the feeling I got when I decided to hand in my notice.

Guess what, I have survived! I had the best time at London Fashion Week, met amazing people, attended some pretty awesome events and most importantly… I love what I do!
bloggingWhat helped you making the final decision?

Honestly, it was a tough decision for me to leave my existing career and friends for starting a new career in the blogging field. This was a major decision and I think that having long talks with your family and friends to discuss all the pros and cons of the step you’re about to take is very important. I don’t recommend making big decisions without consulting those who matter to you like, ever!

I have to say that I am extremely blessed to have such supportive people around me. They all told me that it wouldn’t be easy but it will be worth it!bloggingSo, now what?!

Blogging is not an easy task y’all. Maintaining a blog involves many late nights, constant research and a ridiculous amount of networking. But who are we kidding? I knew all of this before I decided to give blogging a try.

I will now use this time to become better, wiser and bring content with quality to you guys. Because let’s not forget that I was only able to quit my job to concentrate on the blog because you guys come and read and engage with my content. bloggingAre you going to do it only for the money?

Hell no! I have never done it just for the money and will never do. It took me a long time to build trust with my readers, there’s no way I would break it just for the money involved. I will continue to choose projects that reflect my interests and that I think you guys will like too.

Money was never the driving factor and it won’t become now. As of now, I just need to work harder, study more and who knows… maybe do a little blog consultancy on the side.bloggingThinking of quitting your job and blog full-time too? Here are my tips:

1. Ask what your friends and family think about your idea.

2. Put your blog as a priority and make sure to commit to it – I mean it!

3. Don’t do it for the money! If you only do it to make money, you won’t have the fuel to keep going.

4. Never get “too comfortable”. Never stop improving. Never stop aiming to be the best you can be.blogging

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Have you ever quit your job to follow your dreams? Let me know in the comments below.


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