Boho Interior Design Tips For People Who Don't Know Where To Start

Boho Interior Design Tips For People Who Don’t Know Where To Start

Post by Taislany Gomes • May 20, 2021 • Decor

Boho interiors are all the rage right now and perhaps the only major design trend that’s pushing back against the minimalist wave. The purpose of going bohemian is to make your home look eclectic, warm and “lived-in.” Boho rooms are not stark, sterile or neutral. They’re always trying to say or do something visually innovative. 

However, putting your finger on exactly what a boho interior is is easier said than done. Actually making something boho is a challenge. 

In this post, we take a look at some boho interior design tips to get you started. Enjoy!

Layer Your Textures

Getting a natural boho interior feel requires layering multiple textures on top of each other. So, for instance, many boho designs use a combination of art work on the wall, wood furniture, natural fiber rugs, planters and baskets, different types of upholstery and rugs. For bedrooms and bathrooms, you can even contrast this with metallic elements or a mirrored vanity table

By layering textures like this, you prove that you’re not willing to settle down into the groove of any particular style. Instead, you’re going with what feels natural, organic and relaxed. 

Get Low-Level Seating

You’ll never find high-chairs in boho interiors. Designers seem to instinctively know that the style requires low-level armchairs, bean bags and floor pillows. It’s both informal and visually disruptive. 

Avoid Too Much Black

While you can use black in boho interiors, it’s best to avoid using too much of it. Limit it to accents if you can. 

Instead, concentrate on light and uplifting colors. Bright woods, white-painted walls and neutral light fittings are a great place to start. Then once you have the background sorted, you can add one or two darker elements, according to your taste. 

Include Plants

Boho interiors aren’t necessarily trying to be eco-friendly. But they do appreciate that human beings are a part of nature and need to keep it close by. That’s why so many boho interiors make a point of ramming their spaces with pots and vining plants of all kinds. 

Remember, if you want your plants to thrive, you’ll need to choose so-called “low light” varieties. These are species that can survive out of direct sunlight and just require the occasional watering.

Cacti are one option. But some of the most iconic plants are tropical leaves that grow in the dark canopy of the rainforest floor. These grow large and immediately add prodigious quantities of greenery to your rooms. 

Vary Your Light Sources

Boho interiors are not formal, so it’s critical to vary your light sources. Try to pick a mix of lighting options, including fairy lights, natural fiber pendants, recessed lighting and spotlights, with lamps on all your tables and desks.

Layered Rugs

Remember what we said at the beginning about the importance of layering? Well the same concept applies to your rugs. You can put down a single rug to achieve a boho interior. But many designers like to lay down multiple rugs, all overlapping each other. It helps to create a quintessentially bohemian look. 

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