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Body Care Routine ft. Crabtree & Evelyn

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 13, 2017 • Beauty, Reviews

Body Care Routine ft. Crabtree & Evelyn ??

We always talk about how to take care of our face: cleansing, protecting, hydrating … but how about the rest of the body, do you take care of that too?

Although it is more resistant, the skin on the rest of your body also ages. Some parts of the body suffer more from aging and loss of elasticity: the arms, neck, breasts and inner thighs are some of the regions that show the appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity. That’s why I have started to pay attention to these areas by using a moisturizer at least once a day preferably after bathing.

I personally, take my showers at night, after I leave the shower I feel that my skin is quite dry, so I have started to take advantage of the time I have in the evenings to take the time, not to only hydrate my face, but also my body.

Here are the products I am currently using and most importantly, loving:Crabtree & EvelynCrabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate & Argan Oil Body Smoother: exfoliating your body is vital. Simply washing your body with soap doesn’t remove all the dead skin cells. If you want to have soft and smooth skin then you need to exfoliate your body at least once a week. I am not going to lie, I do forget sometimes but I go no longer than 10 days without exfoliating.

If you’re looking for a body exfoliator that conditions and makes your skin feel ultra soft then this product is a great choice. It’s encapsulated with oils and Vitamin C, leaving it noticeably softer as you gently buff and smooth.

It has warm Mediterranean notes of Orange, juicy Pomegranate and Sweet Fig mixed with the heat of Ginger and Black Pepper spice; an absolute delight.

Tip: when exfoliating your body, concentrate longer on areas such as your knees and elbows which are the driest parts of your body.Crabtree & EvelynCrabtree & Evelyn Rosewater & Peppercorn Hand Wash: you might have heard someone in the family mention how it is important to take care of your hands, right? My grandmother always reminded me that you should not also take care of your face but also your hands. “There’s nothing worse than having dry hands”, she used to say. Which brings me to the reason why I choose my hand wash & hand cream quite serious.

This delicate formula contains naturally derived cleansers to purify without stripping, leaving hands refreshed and scented with transparent Rose petal and sweetly spiced Pink Peppercorn notes.

I have also got the Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn Hand Therapy which I use after washing my hands; it’s the perfect rehydration routine for hands.Crabtree & EvelynCrabtree & Evelyn Citron & Coriander Body Sorbet: think of freshly squeezed Lemon juice, peppery Coriander and sweet Honey. Now imagine this combination melting into the skin – that’s how it feels every time I use this Body Sorbet. The scents are so well-balanced you may feel like eating it but, don’t (hard task).

Some of the benefits include Shea Butter, Pumpkin, Apricot and Peach Kernel oil, to make the skin conditioned. A hint of menthol makes it perfect for humid holiday moments and brighter weekend awakenings.Crabtree & EvelynCrabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate & Argan Oil Nutri-OilI may or may not have saved the best for last. This product has changed my night routine experience completely. Once finished with all previous steps this is the one I most look forward to.

I get a generous amount in my hand and gently apply it all over my body – it leaves the skin soft and smelling delicious. My boyfriend loves the smell so much that she smells me when I get to bed just to make sure I am wearing it – when I am not, he mentions that he noticed I am not wearing “that nice smell” and I go running and apply it.

This formula works to hydrate and nourish from head to toe. Lightweight enough for use on skin and hair, it can be used anywhere for an uplifting reminder of those warm summer nights.

Usage Tip: Spritz-and-smooth onto body, face, hands, feet, nails and hair.

At last, that’s the end. I hope you enjoyed getting to know the products I use to keep my body in check. Now I want to know, do you also have a body care routine? Any products that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

You can find the full  Crabtree & Evelyn’s range here.

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