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Bandanas & Skinny Neck Scarf

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 10, 2016 • Fashion

Skinny neck scarves and bandanas are back honey! Scarves are full of charm and instantly elevates your look. This trend is not exactly new; if you look back to the ‘60s and ‘70s these cuties were everywhere. I personally love the scarves with bohemian influences. They are perfect for uplifting the look and earns you some serious style points.

Trust me, you’ll be able to transform your absolute classic outfit into something much more exciting. Check these bandanas and skinny neck scarves out:
Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfThese scarves look amazing with any hair-do. For those days where you want a more elegant vibe, keep the hair tucked under the scarf. It makes all the difference. 
Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfLet’s retire the statement necklaces for a minute and invest on these silk chokers. They are easy to style, and they can cost less than £10. 
Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfJust think of your everyday pants and that crisp white shirt. Pair it with a skinny scarf, preferably with a funky print and voilà. You have added a point of interest to a very casual look.Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfThey are such a great accessory to have this summer. You can wear it as a hair accessory, wear it around your wrist or even on your bag.  
Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfI am planning a few outfits for my holidays and bandanas as definitely as must-have on my list. You can wear it like Pia Mia on loose waves. But if you’re short on time, or just lazy why not wear it with your hair up? It will add some swag to your beautiful self.Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfAll you need is you favourite bag and a simple bandana; pair them together either with a knot or just wrap the bandana or skinny scarf around the strap. It will feel like you’re wearing a brand new purse and show that you can be diverse when it comes to your style.
Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfWas I right when I said that you can transform a whole look with these accessories? Who knew that bandanas and skinny neck scarves could be suitable not only for casual summer looks but also formal occasions? Well, we do!

Bandanas & Skinny Neck ScarfWhat about you? Would you Bandanas & Skinny Neck Scarf a try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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