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5 Things To Make ‘Working From Home’ Dreamy ft Pretty You London

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 17, 2016 • Beauty, Lifestyle, Reviews

As you guys know, I am blogging full-time and there’s nothing better than working from home but little things can most definitely make the whole experience better. Here are 5 Things To Make ‘Working From Home’ Dreamy:

Working From Home1. Comfy Slippers:

As we can’t rock our high heels to the office we need to compensate by wearing some exciting slippers at home. These cuties are not only elegant and feminine but they are also glam and comfortable.Working From HomeI received them 2 weeks ago and have not stopped wearing them since. The feeling of waking up and looking down to see your favourite slippers waiting for you by the bed is so comforting and makes getting up much more exciting. I definitely SLAY with my slippers from Pretty You London.

Pretty You London have a lovely range which made it really hard to choose “the one”. After changing my mind at least 10 times, I decided to go for the Savanna Cream. This faux-fur slipper is the perfect fit to make you feel like a princess. It has jewel embellishments, padded soles and a sprinkle of luxury and femininity all over it.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-12-52-03Use the discount code TAISLANY15 which will give you 15% off the new collection. Hurry, it’s only valid until 24th October.

2. Candles:

Oh, candles are my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love how they change the mood of a room. I like distributing the candles around my desk to make it all cutesy and filled with good vibes.Working From HomeTo give you an insight on how much I love candles, here’s a scenario that happens way too often in my house:candlessssMum: “Did somebody die Taislany?”
Me: “No, why?”
Mum: “Because you have all these candles lit up”.

[The End! Ha-Ha]

3. Scents around the house e.g. Diffusers & Room Sprays:

Is there anything better than walking into a room where the smell takes you to a whole new place? Depending on the scent you choose it could take you back to your childhood or if you’re lucky to have found your prince charming it could take you back to your first date or even your wedding day.Working From HomeWorking in a scented space makes the day go so much smoother and will get you through those harsh emails.

4. Pretty Drinks:

Pretty drinks have become a must-have when working from home. I can’t start dealing with emails before I have a glass of elderflower next to me. I like elderflower because it’s fresh and mixes well with different fruits. If it’s past 5pm, we can even add a little Prosecco or wine to make it “Happy Hour” adequate.
Working From HomeIn case you’re wondering, I always get the Belvoir Elderflower Pressé.

5. Fresh Flowers:

Having flowers around your desk will help boost productivity and improve your mood. Not to mention that it will create a beautiful natural botanical scent around you. Working From Home


“Men and women perform better in an environment that is decorated with fresh plants and flowers.  A study found that men were able to generate around 30% more ideas in an office with flowers than when in an office that was sparse and dull”.home-officeHope you guys liked my 5 Things To Make ‘Working From Home’ Dreamy. How do you make your home office comfortable?


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