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5 cute and unique gift ideas for your bestie

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 23, 2019 • Lifestyle

Your bestie’s birthday is obviously a cause for frivolity and celebration (and cocktails), but it can also be surprisingly stressful for you as a BFF. Other than their parents and siblings, you are the one who is supposed to know them better than anyone else, so if you strike out with a gift that leaves them completely cold, people are going to notice.

So, don’t be caught with another Amazon gift card or a last-minute box of chocolates from the corner shop. Instead, gaze upon some of these cute and nifty ideas and you’ll truly be the best bestie around.

Personal prints


Opt for something really personal for your best friend’s gift and make a canvas print or a framed picture out of a memory you’ve shared together. Better yet, create a collage of your most treasured memories and have it embossed with an inside joke that only the two of you share. The variety of online outlets that can turn around a print in days mean you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a company willing to print your cherished memories and your words on almost anything you care to mention.


Birthday bundle


There can be few things as sobering as the concept of going to work on your birthday. So why not lighten their mood by surprising your bestie at work with a gift hamper? By using an online service such as Parcel2Go or ordering your gift directly to their work address, you should be able to have almost anything ready for them to open when they get to work and it will truly brighten up their day.


Spoil them with beauty


There is something so special about the age-old idea of friends lavishing one another with beauty treatments and it’s something you can also hopefully enjoy together if you opt for a spa package or a treatment at a local nail salon. The two of you can catch-up and reminisce about ‘the good old days’ whilst you’re both being pampered.


Their face on… something


From socks and underwear to flags and tea coasters, what better way to show your BFF that your face brings you worlds of joy than by putting their face on something unexpected. Granted it might come across as a little bizarre if anyone else were to ‘go there’, but as you’re the best friend, it will hopefully be seen for what it is – a loving (and oddly hilarious) gesture.


Custom jewellery


You know your bestie so you know what kind of bling really sets them off. Cement your legendary friendship with a piece of bespoke jewellery, engraved with both your initials or perhaps a more specific reference that only the two of you share. That way, your BFF will think of you fondly whenever they wear it.

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