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5 Beginner Instagram Tips and Tricks

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 30, 2017 • Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

I have never shared Instagram tips with you, that’s why I felt it was time to share some basic learnings I gained over the years. When it comes to Instagram and any other social media platform you have to ask yourself: what does my Instagram feed have that no one else does?

“Instagram is now the most engaging social media platform out there.”

Having a successful Instagram account is not an easy job, thats why you need to think about the purpose of creating an account before you can start growing your following. Here are 5 Beginner Instagram Tips and Tricks to help you get your account off the ground:Beginner Instagram Tips and Tricks1. Add A Cool Profile Picture

You can easily add any profile picture to your Instagram profile, but that’s not going to attract followers. Make sure to add a high-resolution picture that showcases your style, so when people look at it they instantly identify what you’re about.

2. Create An Outstanding Instagram BIO

You might think that your bio is not a big deal but guess what? It really is! Your Instagram bio is the first point of contact with your followers or anyone else that is interested in you or your work. Make sure to take the time to tell them what you’re about in order to connect with that new visitor that has landed on your Instagram feed.Beginner Instagram Tips and Tricks

3.Make Your Instagram Feed Look Beautiful

Instagram is all about beautiful images and videos. Life seems perfect when looking through some peoples feeds, right? If you’re serious about “making it” on Instagram, you need to have good content.  The better your feed and pictures look – the more love you’ll get from your followers!

My favourite Instagram feed at the moment belongs to @OhhCouture – she has a dreamy colour scheme and theme to her Instagram account. Beginner Instagram Tips and TricksRemember: if your images are average and not particularly different to the other millions of accounts… why should they press that follow button?

4. Make The Most Of Photo-Editing Apps

There are plenty of photo-editing apps like Facetune, Pixlr, VSCOcam, Enlight and Adobe Photoshop Express. They are all simple yet effective and make life so much easier as you can edit your pictures anywhere. I normally edit my pictures when I get the Underground as it gives me at least 20-25 minutes of free time.

I have always used Adobe Photoshop CC on my Macbook but realised that I could use those free moments to edit my pictures on my phone – since then I have used these apps more and more. Make sure to try at least one so you can really make your photos pop without having to wait to get in front of your computer.Beginner Instagram Tips and Tricks

5. Show Your Personality Through Your Pictures/Captions

All these tips are useful. However, if you don’t show your true personality through your pictures and captions, you’ll never feel satisfied and truly happy with your feed. Take pictures that represents you and demonstrates your creativity. It could be a picture of your makeup, personal style or anything that interests you, as long as it brings a “different” angle into your Instagram – all that matters is that you look at it and see a reflection of yourself. If you do this it will only be a matter of time until people start following and engaging with you.Beginner Instagram Tips and Tricks

What helps you stand out from the crowd on Instagram? Let me know in the comments below! ♥️?


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